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70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Wool Knitted Haps

Reversible Stocking Cap Baby Alpaca/Wool
$15.00 (24%)

Call to Order: 509-270-1259
Almost as soft as the 100% Baby Alpaca. I've chosen to make some of the hats 70% baby alpaca and 30% Merino Wool so the hats will maintain their shape a little better. They are stilllLuxuriously soft stocking cap that will protect you in the harshest winter weather. This wonderful alpaca yarn will wick away moisture to ensure you stay incredibly warm. Reversible so it can be turned inside out to display a different color.

I've had rave reviews on how these hats are incredibly soft and warm. Many of these are gifts to friends and family who appreciate alpaca fiber special characteristics that they have come back to me and order more hats.

Custom made using Cascade Yarns colors ensures a wide variety of color selection.

I do have access to some college logos. Many colleges sell the logos through their campus stores. I buy them and put them on for you. Or, you can send them to me and I'll put them on your custom made hat.

Cost of a hat with logo is $65 and without $50. Most of the time, their is not a mark up on the logos because they are so expensive.

Product Specifications
Shipping & Handling $5.00 Shipping and Handling for hats without logos
$6.50 Shipping and Handling for has with logos
Product Specs 70% Baby Alpaca; 30% Merino Wool
Softer than Cashmere
Hypoallergenic (no lanolin)
Double thick and 60% warmer than wool
Hypoallergenic (no lanolin)
Water Repellent and Moisture Wicking Properties
Fire Retardent Characteristics
Terms & Conditions

$5.00 Shipping and Handling for hats without logos $6.50 Shipping and Handling for has with logos