Spokane Valley Alpacas Information

ppsurisWhen my 12-year old daughter first told me she wanted to raise alpacas, I had no idea what she was talking about.  She researched alpacas, visited alpaca farms and websites for over a year before her father reluctantly allowed her to get a few.  Since that time it has been a bonding, learning, frustrating and rewarding experience.  My daughter who now attends WSU in Animal Sciences Program (who wants to be a vet) was able to get a job in the Vet Sciences Research department at WSU because of her experience in taking care of the alpacas.

When we first started raising alpacas we could not place in a local alpaca show.  Now we have multiple animals placing in National Shows.  We’ve now been in the alpaca business for 8-years.  We’ve gained experience by talking with other breeders and by trial and error.  We’ve had to build feeders multiple times, change feeding patterns and change our decision making process.  No one should have to struggle in a new business; you need a very good mentor.  For this reason, our goal has been to mentor anyone who has alpacas to assist them in being successful in their venture, so they don’t have the same struggles.  Because our experience, we feel confident we can assist you to achieve your goals, too.

Pleasant Prairie Suris
4101 N. Ashton Road
Otis Orchards, WA
*If I’m unavailable, please leave a message, I may be out tending to the alpacas.

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